Our Process

We clearly define our financial planning process to help you understand each step, so you know what's to come and when you'll hear from us next.

Our Financial Process
We seek to understand your financial goals.
We collect all appropriate data and develop a written financial plan.
We provide unbiased, objective advice regarding your current financial circumstance and recommend strategies to help you meet your goals and objectives.
We coordinate with other professionals working on your behalf to help simplify and create efficiencies - CPAs, attorneys, agents, etc.
We provide ongoing goal tracking, investment strategies and advice on your specific goals

Phase 1 – Initial Meeting
In your complimentary 60-90 minute initial consultation we:

  • Discuss personal and financial goals as well as risk tolerance
  • Review current financial picture
  • Determine your expectations and learn about services available to you
  • Provide an estimate on planning and asset management fees
  • Develop suggestions and a road map to your next steps

Phase 2 – Develop and Discuss Financial Plan
In order to create your custom-written financial plan, approximately 3-4 weeks are needed for data research, organization, and input of financial information. Once the plan is completed, we will call you to schedule a 1 1/2-hour meeting to:

  • Discuss findings and crystallize short, medium, and long range goals and objectives
  • Preview cash flow, net worth and financial position in relationship to your goals
  • Review implementation needed to help achieve your goals

Phase 3 –Implementation
When you decide to implement your plan we:

  • Deliver and explain financial analysis and plan
  • Discuss and determine implementation options
  • Allocate resources toward specific goals and complete paperwork

Phase 4– On-Going Review & Management
As part of our ongoing services we:

  • Develop long-term business relationship
  • Monitor and track portfolio on an ongoing basis
  • Review financial plan to help ensure we are on track